Minutes of the Prince Edward Island Retired Teachers' Association

PEIRTA Annual General Meeting
Jack Blanchard Center
November 5, 2015

The meeting opened with O Canada sung by Faith McKenney.

President Sheridyth MacNeill welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the executive. There were 110 members in attendance. Regrets were received from the President of the PEITF Bethany MacLeod, Mayor Clifford Lee, and Sister Norma Gallant, President of the PEI Senior Citizens Federation.

The agenda was approved by Allan Graham and seconded by Debbie Dunn. Carried.

The adoption of the minutes of the 2014 annual meeting was moved by Ruth Sudsbury and seconded by Anne O'Hanley after corrections were made to the Group Insurance report. The report read that 'Johnson's and the pharmacies were not ready for changes made by the government'; and it should have read that 'Johnson's was ready but the pharmacies weren't'. Also, it was the Group Insurance Trustees who delisted the drugs and not Johnson's. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes: A question was asked about the spring social and the possibility that some event might be held semi-annually. President Sheridyth responded to the question that the issue would be reviewed by the new executive.

Treasurer's Report:

Balance October 31, 2014


Moved by Ann Ledgerwood and seconded by Faith McKenney. Carried. Detailed Financial Statement is attached as appendix 1 to these minutes.

President's Report: Sheridyth MacNeill presented her report. She thanked the staff of the PEITF for all their help. As she ends her term as President, she thanked the executive for making her job easy. Sheridyth moved the adoption of her report. It was seconded by Ron MacIntosh. Carried.

Group Insurance Presentation: Kimball Blanchard gave a report on Group Insurance.

He outlined these points:
There was a small decrease for retirees as of October.
Mandatory generic substitution is a money saver for the Plan.
Travel insurance showed a slight increase but is still a good value.
If you are not 65 yet, you should check with your pharmacy about the drugs you are taking in case of a change after age 65.
Losses in life insurance resulted in a rate increase for active and retired teachers.
RTA is working on the 30 day versus 90 day prescription issue.

Dale Weldon, representing Johnsons, answered questions about premiums, travel insurance, generic versus non generic drugs. He stated that new membership cards would be forthcoming early in 2016.

Newsletter Report: Marg Stewart reported that 3 publications of newsletters were sent out during the year.

Membership Report: There are 1553 retired teachers on PEI and 1033 are members of the RTA. Chairperson Joyce McCardle is looking for ideas to encourage others to join. There were 29 new or corrected membership cards issued and 29 deceased members during the past year.

Guest Speaker: Calvin Joudrie, Manager of Long Term Care Subsidization, gave an informative and statistical presentation on long term nursing care and community care, both private and public.

Memorial for Deceased Members: The names of 29 deceased members were read and volunteers carried a carnation in their memory and placed them in a vase. The ceremony was led by Spurgeon Robbins.

Lunch Break

Guests who brought greetings and a few comments were Peter Rukavina representing Home and School Federation and Cynthia Fleet, superintendent of the English Language School Board.

ACER-CART report: James MacAulay, the Eastern representative on the national executive, gave this report. This group has 13 members across Canada and our President attends the annual meeting. The three main areas that receive attention and focus on senior issues are the National Health Act, Pharmacare and Pensions.

Master Trust Fund: Michel Plamondon reported that Master Trust takes care of all pensions on the Island. It is a well diversified fund and is doing well considering the fluctuations of the market.

Resolution: WHEREAS, the treasurer puts in many hours managing the financial affairs of the Retired Teachers' Association; BE IT RESOLVED, that an honorarium of $250 be paid annually to the treasurer. Passed

Policy: The PEIRTA will not participate in public fund-raising initiatives, or promote public fund-raising initiatives to the membership. RTA funds will, at the discretion of the Executive, be used to further the goals of the RTA. Passed

Nomination Committee:
Patricia McCardle presented the nominations.
President: Joyce McCardle
Vice-President: Cynthia MacDonald
Treasurer: Ronald MacIntosh
Secretary: Ruth Sudsbury
Prince Representative: Leah Harris
Queens Representative: Peter Meggs
Kings Representative: Emma McQuaid
Past President: Sheridyth MacNeill

After asking for further nominations, Patricia led the induction ceremony.

Several draws were made. One was a $100 gas card donated by Johnsons Insc. won by Spurgeon Robbins. The flowers from the Memorial were divided and won by Breda Foley and Sylvia Wilson. $10.00 Tim cards were won by Catherine Smith, Marilyn MacLean, and Joyce McCardle.

Budget: The 2016 budget was presented by Ann Ledgerwood. It was moved by Ann and seconded by Maureen MacNeill. Carried.

Meeting was adjourned.