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St. Eleanors Lions Club, Summerside
November 3, 2016

The meeting opened with O Canada sung by Barbara Burleigh.

President Joyce McCardle welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the executive. There were 70 members in attendance. Regrets were received from the President of the PEITF, Bethany MacLeod, Minister of Education, Hon. Doug Currie, and president of the Home & School Association, Lisa MacDougall.

The agenda was approved by Barbara Burleigh and seconded by Carl Millar. Carried.

The adoption of the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting was moved by Ruth Sudsbury and seconded by Dorothy Farrish. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes: A suggestion was made at the 2015 AGM to hold a spring social which was referred to the new executive. It was discussed at the January meeting and it was decided to put it in the newsletter for suggestions. There were very few ideas received so it was decided to drop the topic.

Treasurer's Report:

Balance October 31, 2015

$ 11,540.11
$ 32,150.11
$ 18,920.46
$ 13,229.65

Moved by Ron MacIntosh and seconded by Pat Millar. Carried. Detailed Financial Statement is attached as appendix 1 to these minutes.

President's Report: Joyce McCardle presented her report. She thanked the executive of the PEIRTA for their help and the staff of the PEITF for all their assistance with photocopying and the grant they give to our association. Joyce moved the adoption of her report. It was seconded by Ron MacIntosh. Carried.

The full report is attached as appendix 2.

Group Insurance Presentation: Kimball Blanchard gave a report on Group Insurance.
He outlined these points:
? There was a reduction in rates for retirees, approximately 20%.
? Travel insurance showed a slight increase but is still a good value.
? If you are not 65 yet, you should check with your pharmacy about the drugs you are taking in case of a change after age 65.
? Losses in life insurance resulted in a rate increase for active and retired teachers. The deficit was paid out of the trust fund.
? RTA is still working on the 30 day versus 90 day prescription issue.
? The trustees of the Atlantic provinces meet every 2 years to compare programs and our plan is very comparative to the other 3 provinces.

Dale Weldon, representing Johnsons, reported on issues affecting us: rising costs of drugs, the top drugs being prescribed and the reasons for those prescriptions. He answered a lot of questions on drug brands, cost and coverage from the members present.

Newsletter Report: Marg Stewart reported that 3 publications of newsletters were sent out during the year.

Membership Report: There are 1588 retired teachers on PEI and 1051 are members of the RTA. Chairperson Patricia McCardle gave this report. There were 33 new or corrected membership cards issued and 18 deceased members during the past year.

Guest Speaker: Arlene Powers from PEI Health gave an informative and statistical presentation on out -of-province travel coverage and medicare. She reminded members they should call the Medicare office if going on vacation and make sure all information is accurate.

Lunch Break

Guests who brought greetings and a few comments were Parker Grimmer, director of the Public School Branch, Mayor Bill Martin from the City of Summerside who had checked out our website before attending our meeting, and Don Sanderson from the Seniors Federation of PEI.

ACER-CART Report: James MacAulay, the newly elected vice-president of ACER-CART, gave his report. He congratulated President Joyce for her efforts in the retired teachers’ organization and the strength of our RTA. There are 13 members across Canada in ACER-CART. The 2 main concerns of this group are pensions and healthcare. They continue to work as a voice for seniors and to advocate for a fair health plan.

Master Trust Fund: Michel Plamondon reported that Master Trust takes care of all pensions on the Island. It was not a good year. The return was about 1%. To break even, 5-6% is needed. At the present time, survivor's benefits (60%) are paid to the spouse at the time of death. As of January 1, 2020, the benefits will go to the spouse at the time of retirement.

Pension Committee: John Rowe gave this report. Some facts he listed: in 2011 there were 1888 active teachers and this year there are 1825; there were 1485 retired teachers in 2011 and 1588 this year; the average age of retired teachers is 70.5 and average pension is $27,597.

WHEREAS, the PEIRTA Executive currently has three county representatives, all retired from the former English Language School Board; and
WHEREAS, there is no representative from the Francophone community of retired teachers;
BE IT RESOLVED, that Section 7(a) of the PEIRTA Constitution be amended to read: “The executive committee of this Association shall be President, Vice-President, immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, three representatives retired from the former English Language School Board (now the Public School Branch)--one from each county; and one representative retired from the French Language School Board.”
The resolution was moved by Peter Meggs and seconded by Ron MacIntosh. Passed

It was moved by Erma Arsenault and seconded by Ann Richard that Maria Bernard be the French representative on the PEIRTA. Carried.

Memorial for Deceased Members: The names of 18 deceased members were read and volunteers carried a flower in their memory and placed them in a vase. The ceremony was led by Spurgeon Robbins.

The 2017 budget was presented by Ron MacIntosh. It was moved by Ron and seconded by Emma MacQuaid. Carried.

55 Plus Games: A presentation was given by Eugene Murphy informing the membership what is involved in the 55+ games. They will be held in Cornwall from February 20 – 25, 2017.

Several draws were made. Two gas cards valued at $50 each, donated by Johnsons, were won by Geraldine Stewart and Kimball Blanchard. The flowers from the Memorial were divided and won by Marie Thompson, Pat Millar, and Faith McKenney. $10.00 Tim cards were won by Peter Meggs and Theresa MacLellan.

Meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by:
Ruth Sudsbury, Secretary

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