Executive Handbook

P.E.I. Retired Teachers Association:
Executive handbook

Information Only

• Directors are the executive of the PEIRTA.
• Insurance: We are protected by the corporation as long as we act in good faith.
• The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the executive shall be elected for a term of two years at the AGM of the Association and may serve a maximum of two terms.
• County representative shall be elected for a two-year term at the county socials, and may serve a maximum of two terms.
• The executive members-President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary will be elected every second year at the AGM.
• Executive Members must be a retired teacher in good standing as a member of the PEIRTA

• Any teacher who was a member of the PEITF at the time of His/her retirement.
• Affiliate membership in the PEIRTA will be extended to any person who has taught in the University, Community College or in the Department of Education in the Province of PEI for a period of one school year or more.
• A $12 yearly membership. $1 will be deducted monthly.
• Responsibility of members to notify the membership chair of any changes in address. Place on PEIRTA web page and in each newsletter.
• Membership chair will order new membership cards in September after they receive their first retirement check. Syntrak in the industrial park in Charlottetown has the membership card plate.

Standing Committees:
• Each of the following chairpersons will be appointed by the new executive for a period of 2 years.
• Group Insurance
• Pension Committee
• Website master
• Newsletter
• Membership

Spring Socials:
• Held in early spring.
• Reasonability of County Reps.
• Notices and Advertisement.
• Entertainment.
• Prince County social in Summerside? Decided by the Prince members
• Cost of $5 is in place for each county social at the door.
• County reps to be elected at each county social in the second term of an executive.

• Responsibility for:
1. Door Money: Treasurer
2. Tickets: Treasurer
3. Name Badges: Treasurer
4. Ads. Guardian, Journal: Secretary
5. Weekly events in Papers. Guardian, Journal, Coffee News: County Rep.
6. Notice to webmaster: President
7. Entertainment: County Rep.
8. Food: County Rep.

Annual Meeting:
• Book AGM room in May or June: Alternate between Charlottetown and Summerside.
• Include in fall and spring newsletters the contact names and numbers for pre-registration for the AGM.
• Money for door. $20 for meeting and meal. $5 for meeting only.
• Copy of the minutes of previous AGM.
• Copy of proposed budget.
• Copy of Financial report.
• Copy of Resolutions.

• Responsibility for:
1. Book Room for AGM. Executive member in the location area.
2. Contact names and numbers: President reminds the Newsletter editor.
3. Minutes: Copy to President. Secretary
4. Treasurer’s report: Copy to President. Treasurer.
5. Proposed budget: Copy to President. Treasurer/President.
6. Money for Door: Treasurer.
7. Placement of Ads for papers: Secretary
8. Placement of ad in Newsletter and web page: President
9. Flowers for Deceased Members: Treasurer
10. Name tags: Treasurer
11. List of Deceased Members: Membership Chair

• Three issues of the PEIRTA newsletter will be published each year-Mid February, late May and early October.
• Paper and Ink to be requested from Treasurer.
• Johnston’s Insurance will support the Newsletter financially. An ad will be included with the Johnston’s banner.
• Include in February newsletter the date and place of county socials.
• We will allow business card size ads in the newsletter at $100 per issue, space permitted.
• Johnston’s’ will provide the labels for our newsletter mail out.
• Department of Education and the District Offices receive a newsletter.
• Include in fall and spring Newsletter date and place for AGM.
• Honorarium of $500 to editor. Two payments: May and October.

• Bank account at the downtown Bank of Nova Scotia.
• Financial records of the PEIRTA are assessed by an outside source when a new treasurer takes office. Usually the PEITF finance person.
• Bank signing authority---Two of: President, Treasurer, Vice- President, and Secretary.
• Make monthly deposits mailed from the Superannuation Fund in a reasonable time.
• Keep all books balanced. Register, Monthly report forms, Bank statements.
• Report to each executive meeting monthly incomes and expenses. Copy of short form to President and Secretary monthly.
• Yearly report for AGM.
• Proposed Budget for AGM.
• Pay all bills: Newsletter, Honorariums, Membership cards, ads, etc.
• Ink and package of paper requested from Treasurer.
• Copied the expense claim forms at agreeable Printer.
• Make UPEI prize to education student. $500 : Contact person Rosemary O’Malley Keys. 2th floor Main Rm 317 894 – 2865 in March
• Copy of AGM financial report to PEITF.
• Keep a running record of meetings, etc attended my Executive Members living in Charlottetown and issue a cheque to each in October. They must complete a claims form at that time.

• President $1000/year
• Newsletter Editor $500/year
• Webmaster $250/year
• Honorariums paid twice a year May and October

• An ink and a package of paper to be requested from Treasurer.
• Monthly minutes.
• Letters to invited guests for the AGM.
• Copy of monthly meetings to the PEITF President.
• Any letters requested by Executive to be sent.
• PEIRTA letter head and envelopes in file cabinet at PEITF.
• Tim’s card to pick up treats for monthly meetings.
• Place ads in newspapers for Socials and AGM.
• Annual minutes forwarded to the executive members within 6 weeks of the meeting.

Membership Chair:
• Membership chair will work with Teachers’ Superannuation Fund office to check track of new members and deceased members.
• Membership Chair will get the list of deceased members from the Teacher’s Superannuation Fund Office. Forward to Executive before the AGM.
• Membership chair will have a contact on the active Executive to coordinate newsletter deliveries. (Side Kick)
• Membership chair will have a contact person at Johnson’s Ltd. to notify them of any address changes. New members, deceased members & address changes. Also when to print labels.
• All new membership cards to be printed in September. Chair will record all until printed. Syntrak, Industrial Park Charlottetown is the company with the card format plate.
• Johnsons Ltd. provides the address labels.
• Executive contact needs to do the following with the Membership Chair.
• Buy envelopes. Usually at Staples

To Save Money
• Run off the labels for married Couples.
• Check to see if all deceased members since last newsletter have been removed.
• Check to see that all address changes have been made.
• Check to see that all new members have an address label.
• Remove all labels of email list, executive members and deceased members before placement of labels.
• Place labels on envelopes.
• Stuffing of newsletters will be done Executive members

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