Appendix 2
President’s AGM Report 2016
Jouyce McCardle

Thanks to the hard work of the previous two presidents, Sheridyth MacNeill and Patricia McCardle, my first year has been relatively easy. I struggled with what to put in this report because I usually try to keep you up-to-date in my newsletter articles. (Which I know you read thoroughly!!)

The Executive met 7 times this year. The December meeting is a transition meeting with a combination of the out-going and in-coming Executives. We also have a meet and greet with the PEITF Executive. Following this, we had our Christmas dinner at Papa Joe’s.

Between December and January, my time was spent getting familiar with the monthly tasks. Again, thanks to previous presidents this was pretty well laid out for me. Of course, there is a list of organizations and government departments to send the change of Executive names to.

I met with some of the people I would be dealing with so I could put a face with a name: Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes , UPEI, Darlene Marshall, Johnsons and others. It is always helpful to discuss expectations from both sides.

Jim MacAulay, Pat McCardle and I met to complete a Strategic Plan survey for ACER-CART. (I HATE surveys!!) However, having these done from each province proved very helpful at the June AGM in Ottawa. Mentioning Jim MacAulay, I am very pleased to say that he won the election for Vice President of ACER-CART. You will be hearing from him later.

Again this year, we have been involved with trying to salvage as much as we can of our health plan. The latest is a single issue request to government to have prescriptions filled for 90 days vs 30 days which would save us some money. Negotiations between gov’t and pharmacies is on-going as we speak. We have met with Minister Doug Currie and the new minister Robert Henderson. We are supposed to hear the results sometime this month. Kimball will be reporting later.

We had an interesting request from the RCMP recruitment officer asking for tutors for people writing the entrance exam. It was put in the newsletters and on the website. We had several retired teachers answer the ad and several recruits were matched. This is an exciting opportunity for us to help another agency.

Our bursaries and scholarship went to the following people:
UPEI $500 bursary went to Liam Corcoran, a Colonel Grey Grad.
UPEI scholarship $1,000 went to Jill MacIsaac,
a Holland College $300 bursary went to Kellie Lynn Younker, a Bluefield grad.

I have attended several breakfast/luncheons with retired teachers from different schools. I will be continuing this practise to stay in touch with as many as possible. I’m so bold I don’t even wait for an invitation, I just make myself at home.

In June I attended the ACER-CART AGM in Ottawa. This is always a learning experience. My report was in the last newsletter, but to review some of the member issues:
? Health Accord
? National drug plan and formulary creating a National Pharmacare Program
? Lower age of OAS eligibility from 67 to 65
? Long-term home care funding
? Quebec continues to fight a recently passed bill “legalizing” medical user fees
? Increasing senior poverty caused by price increases not met by pension increases
? Detrimental changes to health care plans
? Spousal poverty caused by one partner living in community or long-term care
? Wait time for long-term care beds
? More subsidized rental units for seniors
? Defined pension plans

Cynthia and I have just returned from an Eastern Canada Retired Teachers’ Organization in St. John’s, NL. As always, this is a great chance to exchange challenges and suggestions from similar minded provinces. PEI is the only province with one executive. This is due, of course, to our size. We had two guest speakers; Dr. Patrick O’Shea spoke on the topic of assisted dying (always a nice kick-off to the day!!) However, it is a reality and he presented well. The second speaker was Bob Dowden, Johnson Inc. who presented facts and figures on the cost of drugs and services.

The second day was devoted to round-table discussions among the provinces. This I always find is the best part of any conference; I could go on and on about the things we learned, but I’m sure you’d all be asleep before I finished or would be trying to get Dr. O’Shea’s number for me!!

Johnson’s provided a lovely banquet Wednesday night and the Newfoundlanders followed it with a lively hospitality suite where Cynthia and I kissed a frozen cod and sampled screech YUCK!! This was followed with jokes and music. A good time was had by all. PEI is next in line to host the ECRTO in 2018. I’m delighted to say Cynthia will be president by then.

In closing, I want to thank my Executive for all their hard work and help; they make my job easy. I would also like to thank PEITF for their support with their grant, photocopying, use of their building for our meeting and all the advise and help of staff. Johnsons also provides us with a very generous donation which enables us to print our three newsletters/ year; they also generously donated two $50 gas cards which will be drawn for at the end of the meeting.

Thank you all for coming and showing your support of your organization.

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