P.E.I. Retired Teachers Association:
AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Prince Edward Island Retired Teachers' Association
Annual General Meeting
St. Eleanors Lions Club
November 6, 2014

The meeting opened with O Canada sung by Barbara Burleigh.

President Sheridyth MacNeill welcomed everyone to the meeting. She introduced the executive and led the swearing in ceremony of the new secretary, Ruth Sudsbury.

The adoption of the minutes of the 2013 annual meeting was moved by Ruth Sudsbury and seconded by Barb Burleigh. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes: no business arising.

Greetings and remarks were heard from Gilles Arsenault, President of the PEITF.
* he is in his 4th year as president
* 2 names have been put forth to succeed him
* this is a negotiating year with prebargaining in March, bargaining in April
* TF is finding it difficult to establish a relationship with the Dept. Of Education
* it is overwhelming to be a teacher today
* TF is attempting to get out the message that teachers are there for the kids
* he thanked RTA for being supportive of TF.

President Sheridyth thanked Gilles for his remarks and for taking the time to attend our meeting.

Treasurer's Report:

Balance October 31, 2013

$ 6,122.25
$ 9,018.37

Moved by Ann Ledgerwood and seconded by Jim MacAulay. Carried. Detailed Financial Statement is attached as appendix 1 to these minutes.

President's Report:
Sheridyth MacNeill presented her report. She thanked the staff of the PEITF for all their help. Sheridyth moved the adoption of her report. It was seconded by Faith McKenny. Carried. See the Sheridyth's address at President's Address 2014.

Group Insurance Presentation:
Kimball Blanchard and Dale Weldon gave a report on Group Insurance. Kimball reviewed the information from the previous newsletter regarding out of pocket expense to teachers, which varies from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Dale Weldon, representing Johnsons, gave a summary on the situation with the government and DCAP. The new regulations came into effect on July first making Johnson's the first payer. Johnsons and the pharmacies were caught not being ready. Johnsons have decided they're delisting any drugs that the government pays for. There will be a mailout to members explaining this further.

Newsletter Report: Marg Stewart reported that 3 newsletters were sent out during the year.

Membership Report:
There are 1549 retired teachers on PEI and 1020 are members of the RTA. Chairperson Joyce McCardle is looking for ideas to encourage others to join. There were 29 new memberships in September and 28 deceased members during the past year.

Guest Speaker: Mary Hughes gave a very informative and enlightening presentation on Advanced Care Planning.

Lunch Break

Guests who brought greetings and a few comments included: Allan MacIsaac, Minister of Education; Cynthia Fleet, superintendent of the English Language School Board; Anne Bernard Bourgeois, superintendent of the French Language School Board; and Sister Norma Gallant, President of the PEI Senior Citizens Federation.

ACER-CART report:
James MacAulay, the Eastern representative on the national executive, gave this report. The three main areas that receive attention are the National Health Act, Pharmacare and Pensions. The full report is attached as appendix 3.

Master Trust Fund: Michel Plamondon updated the membership on the fund. It is doing well considering the fluctuations of the market.

WHEREAS, attendance at the county socials is very small and each year seems to bring fewer members out; and WHEREAS, costs to host these socials are escalating; and WHEREAS, the county representatives are voted in at these meetings; BE IT RESOLVED, that Executive-sponsored county socials be discontinued, and that county representatives be elected at the Annual General Meeting when the rest of the Executive is elected.
Discussion took place with some members expressing their opinion. One suggestion was to hold some event in the spring since the AGM was in the fall. Another idea was to leave out the word 'social'. A third suggestion was that the Executive would look at holding an event twice a year. It was moved by Joyce McCardle and seconded by Ron MacIntosh to accept the resolution. Motion carried.

Memorial for deceased members was led by Faith McKenney.

Sr. Marie Arsenault
Donna Clarke
Alvin Curley
Erica Curry
Marjorie Delaney
John Gallant
Leonie Gaudet
William Hicken
Eleanor Hinton
Kevin MacAdam
Elinor MacCaull
Eugene MacDonald
Catherine MacIsaac
Donald MacKenzie
Cecelia MacLeod
Mary MacLure
Jean MacPherson
Joan McGaugh
Ethel Jean Muttart
Alice Poirier
Donald Ross
Jean Sheen
Mary McIsaac
Glenn Edison
Sr. Christine Campbell
Cathy Coffin
Lois Adams
Sr. Margaret Kelly

Flowers carried by
Sr. Catherine Smith
Ruth Sudsbury
Maureen MacNeill
Bruce Curry
Patricia Millar
Cindy McNally
Marilyn MacLean
Elizabeth Dewar
Trudy Corbett
Ronnie McIntosh
Paula Smith
George Mitchell
Ronnie McIntosh
John Rowe
Helene Garg
Lillian MacLean
Spurgeon Robbins
Geraldine Stewart
Jean MacArthur
Edmond Gallant
Carl Millar
Barbara Burleigh
Ethel Keenan
Dolly Silk
Sr. Norma Gallant
Cathy Knox
Debbie Dunn
Sr. Patricia Smith

Two draws were made. One was a gift from Johnsons won by Marjorie Hunter and the flowers from the Memorial were won by Frank MacQuaid.

The 2015 budget was presented by Ann Ledgerwood. It was moved by Ann and seconded by Debbie Dunn. Motion carried. It is attached as appendix 4.

Meeting was adjourned by Spurgeon Robbins.


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