October 2005:
Fred Ripley

R.T.A. Corner
by Fred Ripley, President

I bring you greetings from the Executive of the P.E.I.R.T.A. This will be the last message from our present Executive as with our upcoming AGM, October 20, 2005, a new Executive will be taking over. I would like to say it has been a pleasure serving as your President these last two years and your Executive has worked hard on your behalf to make things better for you.

On October the 20th we will be hosting the Annual AGM for all P.E.I.R.T.A. members at Slemon Park in Summerside. Our guest speaker will be Jim Blanchard and our business meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. Registration will be from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. and coffee, tea and muffins will be provided. If you would like to pre-register for the AGM you can do so by phoning by October 17, 2005 to one of the following: Kings County - Frank McQuaid, 583-2978, Queens County - Helene Garg, 566-5456, or Ann Kelly, 368-1761, Prince County - Tom Mahoney, 436-6135, or Fred Ripley, 436-7733. There will be a noon meal served at the cost of $15.00 (honey garlic chicken). At the meeting we will be bringing you updates and reports from our chair people and finance officer. As we have a major meeting with the Provincial Government on September 29, 2005 on health issues, we hope to have feedback for you on that meeting as well. I would like to thank my Executive for all their assistance the past two years as well as the P.E.I.T.F. for their cooperation. It has been an honour to serve in my position as President and I wish our incoming Executive all the best in the future. Hope to see you all on October 20th at the AGM.

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