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P.E.I.R.T.A. Website Advertisement Policy

1. The advertisements on this site have passed an initial screening by the PEIRTA executive and webmaster. Neither the executive nor the webmaster can guarantee you will have a satisfactory experience by responding to these advertisements.

2. The PEIRTA retains the right to refuse and/or remove any advertisements that are deemed by the executive to be unacceptable to the general PEI public and/or the PEIRTA membership or that might cast the PEIRTA membership in a bad light.

3. Rates for advertisements are established by the PEIRTA exective.

4. There is no charge for announcements from non-profit organiziations soliciting volunteers.

5. One year advertisements for businesses operated by PEIRTA members or immediate family members (spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandchild): $10.00.

6. One year advertisements for theatre groups or cinemas: $10.00.

7. One year advertisements for pharmacies, health clubs, travel agencies, financial planners (other than those in # 5 and/or # 6 above): $25.00.

8. Cheques or payments are to be forwarded directly to our webmaster with checks made payable to PEIRTA.
Bill Oehlke
155 Peardon Road
Box 476
Montague, PEI C0A 1R0
Email: Bill Oehlke

9. Webmaster may accept payments for one, two or three years.

10. At the end of each month, the webmaster will forward payments received to the treasurer of PEIRTA for deposit in the general account of the organization.

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