President's Address

P.E.I. Retired Teachers Association:
Presidents' Addresses

Addresses from the Presidents of the PEIRTA will be archived on this page with the most recent addresses at the top.

The President's addresses are now found in the Regular Newsletters.

Spring 2010: PEI RTA Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 2


Winter 2009: PEI RTA Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 1


Fall 2008: PEI RTA Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 2
"Contrary to what I said in the newsletter, there will not be a December issue. My mistake. Two issues this year, with a plan for three next year." Marg Stewart


James MacAuly, Spring 2008: PEI RTA Newsletter, Vol. I, Issue I


John Rowe, Spring 2007

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