P.E.I. Retired Teachers Association:

After many years of service in the classroom, P.E.I.'s retired teachers remain active in their communities in a variety of activities/projects.

Barbara Burleigh is involved in the "Cuddles for Kids" Project that makes teddy bears and blankets and sends them around the world and at home to needy children. Already (November 2008) nearly 2000 teddy bears have been given away over the past two and one half years.
Barbara also volunteers at Stewart Memorial Hospital doing Bingo with the long term care residents, and she serves as leader of Tyne Valley/Ellerslie Community Choir.

Kathleen Furness volunteers at Lilibet's Gift Shop at the QEH.

Cynthia MacDonald serves on the family committee of Habitat For Humanity, as well as on the family committee rep. on the board for Habitat For Humanity; President of The Society of St. Vincent De Paul, St. Pius X Parish; Lecturer for St. Pius X and a member of the Parish Council for St. Pius X. She has been asked to represent educators as a member of Charlottetown Rotary Royalty.

Carolyn MacKie "Cuddles for Kids" and Stewart Memorial Hospital. Carolyn writes, "I would encourage others who wish to get active and enjoy our beautiful PEI scenary to search out GoPEI or a Seniors Initiative in their area. I continue to volunteer with a sewing group in Summerside, Kuddles for Kids. There was a wonderful front page article on today's Journal Pioneer about the group. Also after meeting with interested community members I am a volunteer "leader" and participant in a walking group which meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday on the Confederation Trail. We walk for an hour and following often go for a coffee at a local coffee shop. I am also a leader/participant of a small cycling group who has enjoyed a few adventures in our local Tyne Valley and as well as the National Park and Summerside. I am also a leader/participant of the Go PEI Learn To Run 5km program, a very doable program for non runners. I say all this to tell others all it takes is a few interested people to get something up and running. GoPEI has alot of free programs to offer as well as the East Prince Seniors Initiative (EPSI) out of the Credit Union Place. I have also enrolled in all 3 terms of Seniors College in Summerside. A great way to enjoy others with similar interests and to learn something new in a very relaxed atmosphere."

Erdeen Martin of Charlottetown volunteers at Lillibet's Gift Shop at the QEH for two, three hour shifts each month. She also volunteers with a grade seven student at East Wiltshire Junior High.

Joyce McCardle volunteers with PCH as front desk greeter 4 hours every second week; Hospice Palliative Care visiting patients or sitting with patients; president (soon to be past president) of Parkview Seniors Club, S'side; membership chair of PEIRTA.

Joyce writes, "This is the part time work I do with Seniors Safety.

At a presentation about our program at the Belmont WI last night, one of the members alerted me to a scam I hadn't heard before. She said it happened to a relative. It involved a gift card to one of the stores. Apparently, some empty cards are kept under the counter where the cashier can exchange them.

It works this way: You pay for your goods with your gift card, but you still have a balance left. Your card is exchanged for an empty one and you never notice until the next time you go to use it. How many of us would just assume we had used it all??

You may have heard this, but I just thought I'd pass it along. I really feel sorry for the 98% or more honest retail workers who get tagged with this rep.

Faith-Marie McKenney volunteers every Wednesday night to teach EAL to Chinese immigrants and sometimes to Koreans as well. This is my second year doing this. I also volunteer and direct an adult choir at my church, Community Baptist, Sherwood Road, and I volunteer to tell the occasional Children's Story during the service at church. I volunteer at the Christian Womens club as a table hostess. During the summer I volunteer at a Baptist Church in Deer Island, New Brunswick, to play the piano at Sunday Services. I volunteer to entertain at some nursing homes on occasion.

Pat Millar "Cuddles for Kids" and Stewart Memorial Hospital
The Cuddles for Kids Project is now in its third year. It was started by Carol Ann Newson of Summerside. Our goal is to show our care and concern for the special children of the world by giving them a teddy bear and/ or blanket.

Bill Oehlke was a member of PEI Ground Search and Rescue and currently serves as a teacher in local church, and participates in local service projects. Bill also operates a small business from his home in Montague, and operates a free caterpillar identification service.

Carl Phillips is the accompanist and co-leader of the Tyne Valley/Ellerslie Community Choir.
3 hours every 2nd week at PCH in 'ambulatory' care (all year, 2nd year).

Gwendlyn (Dolly) Silk does 3-4 hour shifts at The Harbourfront theatre, with various responsibilities and times, averaging 1 shift per week or maybe 2 weeks (all year, since it opened) and a similar situation with St Mary's Church in Indian River (spring to fall, 2nd year)

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